Thomas' Bio

Hi Everyone,

Born and raised on the east side of Detroit in a fairly strict Irish-Catholic family, I always wanted to be a Forensic Pathologist.  (Soon realized my brain capacity was not going to allow that).


My father retired from the Detroit Police Department after 27 years while my mother did her absolute best to try to raise a somewhat normal boy.   (Good try Mom!)  I attended a Catholic high school (Go Lancers) close to home and yes, I walked to school in the snow but it was NOT uphill both ways.

I applied to numerous police agencies after graduating from Wayne State University and accepted a job with the City of Saginaw MI.   I enjoyed my time there but decided to return closer to home where I eventually retired from a smaller agency.   Worked in a few other police and fire departments throughout the years but have since rejoined the civilian community.

Now I'm still working in the first responder area, but less hours and less stress.  Trying to enjoy life more but sometimes finding it difficult.  Hopefully you enjoy this podcast and other content we have to share.  Please feel free to drop us your thoughts and views.   Thanks for listening!